Michael Schumacher's mysterious cap - 2004

The Mysterious Schumacher Cap from 2004

Interesting story behind this cap. Apologies for the one blurry pic as I was a little awestruck meeting Michael Schumacher at the launch of the F2004 F1 car at Maranello.

Michael had just won his 6th F1 title and his 4th in a row for Scuderia Ferrari.

I had the opportunity to ask him a question or two and when he found out I was from South Africa, his eyes sparkled and his ears perked. He is a great fan of SA and has spent many a holiday in the fairest Cape in the past. He even drove karts at Swartkops in his youth as well.

Back to the cap. I asked Michael who he thought his biggest challenge would come from in 2004. He answered by saying that if 2003 was anything to go by, he believed McLaren and Kimi Räikkönen #bwoah would push him hard again. Little did we know that in 2004 Michael Schumacher would win 13 races in total and wrap up the Championship at the Hungarian GP with five races still to go. It was an incredible season for him and Ferrari. Raikkonen only won one race in 2004.

The blurred picture you can see was me trying to take a picture as well as asking a question. Clearly I am not a multi-tasker!

Even though it is blurred, you notice three stripes on each side of the cap. When I think of three stripes, I think of Adidas. Do you?

Adidas was not a sponsor of Ferrari and perhaps the designers of the cap liked the symmetry of the three stripes on each side of the cap but that cap was never seen again.

As much as I tried to find that cap to buy, it was never made and was never seen again.

As you can see, in Australia 2004, Michael had a very different cap with two lines on one side and four on the other and therein lies the mystery.

Was it Adidas that complained or Ferrari who realised that the cap looked like an Adidas cap and thus changed it?

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